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ℹ️ | Information

All information on our various services can be found here, including tutorials! If you have any questions please refer to our FAQ or make a new topic on our Feedback & Help Category!
All information here is prioritized over the TSG! Wiki. If you believe some information may be incorrect feel free to report the post or tell us in the Feedback & Help Category.

📰 | Updates

Below is a list of our updates, from Events to project updates. Follow this category for the latest news!

💬 | General Discussion

This category is specifically for chatter of all kinds, within this category you can find the Gaming, Multimedia and Planning categories. Don’t forget to Introduce Yourself!
Any random toony discussions are to be had within this category.
You can share anything toony and more. We are very new to Forums and thus would appreciate Feedback on this way of structuring things.

🎨 | Arts & Crafts

This category is specifically for Artists and Art! Share your art here but make sure to properly tag your work! Although if your art doesn’t contain any Toony Tropes then you’ll have to post it within the Non-Toony Art Category.

🎡 | Role Play Park

Here you can plan Roleplays, and do roleplays too! Use the Roleplay Plans category to plan bigger RPs with wider settings, there’s also the Forum Games category for all forum games!

🏗️ | Projects

This channel is for projects you’d like or have created! From here explain your project and try and get as many people interested! If we find a project promising TSG! may even offer to help the project!
Many projects in this category are by TSG! Don’t forget when posting to TAG your post appropriately!

🆘 | Feedback & Help

Post any questions you have and suggestion for any and all of our services! You can always read our FAQ and look for Topics with similar questions!
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