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The Demi-Server | (18+)

The Demi server is a server fully dedicated to Demi-TF! A form of TF that is more niche and done by very few artist in the Transformation community. This small community is so we few can share, create, and talk Demi-TF!

But what is Demi-TF?

Demi-TF (also known as Skin TF, Half-TF, and Furless TF) is a type of human to animal(Or other species)/inanimate transformation where the original human’s skin is not altered; basically creating a sort of furless version of the creature(Or Object) being TFed into with the original skin pigmentation of the original human subject.

This type of TF has a few variations, such as keeping the same pigmentation but having scales or being lightly furred in parts with the same skin pigmentation.

Demi-TF doesn’t require the shape of the TFee to be feral or anthro, the TF can be a mix of both human and creature(or Object) at the amount desired as long as the skin remains at least partially unchanged.

Demi-TF is a rather loose term, where this description is the base concept/idea meaning you’re free to add to it.

Here’s some examples!

Below you can find 2 examples of the difference between Regular TF and Demi TF.

This is Regular TF.

You can tell from the full loss of the human skin, and pigmentation. This is a regular TF

This is DEMI-TF.

You can tell from the fact the transform-ee has the former human skin despite being fully TFed. Check out the piece on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33735692/

Multiple Demi-TF Artists

Not many artists create Demi-TF content, you can find a non-exhaustive list of Demi-TF artists on our website:

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