BirdieQuest 2 - Area 1 Demo out now!

Birdiequest 2 is finally here!

… In demo form!

Continue Birdie’s quest to not be bored, this time in a actual dungeon! (Dungeon may not be included)

Play the demo here. :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Pro tips:

Remember to examine objects.

Chatting to everyone is helpful!

Save often. Game overs can come suddenly!

Badges are earned by exploring and examining objects

Shiny badges are earned by doing side quests!

Kobold treats aren’t fully implemented in the demo, don’t waste time trying to find the secret.

(There is a secret interaction with the Kobold treats.)

Technical information

The game is possible to play on all platforms which can open a web browser.

:tsganim: Available from the TSG! WebApp

Play Now!

You can play from The TSG! WebApp’s Gaming Section
or via this link:


Birdiequest 0.1.1 out now.

Minor bugfix that stops Rosie trapping you in her ENDLESS VOID where she makes fun of you FOREVER in one of the game overs.

Also a couple of teeny tiny minor additions with the Kobold Treat item.


Birdiequest 0.1.2 out now

  • Less copyrighted music.
  • Few new interactions added/rewritten.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks.
  • Dungeon Area preview added.
  • Drip cackles now.
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