Cancelled Projects, Projects on Hold, and Planned Project Reworks

We have cancelled Projects before but moving forward with TSG! we want to focus our efforts on a small amount of projects, which requires us to cancel a few of our old Projects, the thread will update with cancelled Projects/planned to be cancelled projects.

Cancelled Projects, Projects on Hold, and Planned Reworks

  • TSG! Community | Cancelled: 2019-2019
    Failed Art Hosting Website, Rushed to the public using a poor CMS Platform.
    Replaced by TSG! Forum

  • TSG! Windows App | Cancelled: 2018-2019
    A mix between a Discord Client and a browser, it did it’s job but was a lot of maintenance/upkeep.
    Replaced by TSG! WebApp

  • TSG! Wiki | On Hold - Planned to be reworked in the coming months.
    The Wiki was a closed environment to post our updates, commands and other information about TSG! It proved to be too much maintenance/upkeep and several of our platforms already do that.
    To be reworked into a bot Wiki for Cassiopée 3.0 Documentation.

  • TSG! Website | Planned Rework in the coming weeks.
    The Website will be reworked as most of it’s tasks such as explaining the Artist Affiliation Program and others have been taken by the TSG! Forum. The TSG! Webapp will become separate from the main TSG! landing page.
    To be Partially Replaced by TSG! Forum

  • TSG! WebApp | Planned Rework in the coming weeks.
    More focused on offering access to games✔, TSG! Network Affiliates and other TSG! Services not available on the TSG! Forum✔
    Currently Being Reworked

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WebApp & Website Currently Being Reworked

The TSG! Website and Webapp are currently being reworked, they are both accessible while the rework is happening.

List of Things to Rework

  • Landing page.:white_check_mark:
  • Links to older versions to be replaced.:white_check_mark:
  • Moving TSG! Gaming to TSG!'s main website.:white_check_mark:
  • Rebuilding TSG! Gaming page.:white_check_mark:
  • Rebuilding TSG! Network Showcase.
  • Integrating FG/creating a Landing page for FG.
  • and more to be added as we go.

Thank you very much for the support as always, if you’d like to see features added or wanted to give feedback about this please do be leaving a reply below!

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