Cassiopée | TSG!'s Mascot & Bot!

Cassiopée is a bot within the TSG! Discord Server and TSG! Forum which handles many automated features. She is also the first friendly face you’ll meet in TSG! She’ll be there to help you in the introduction to the group! She’s also our bot within the forum! She can teach you about the forum and can be used for various things such as small commands!

As a Mascot

Cassi appears on all event arts for TSG! events! She’s also very toony! You can find her refsheet below! She’s a 40 foot tall AI dragon! She’s always glad to help but also won’t hesitate to smush you if you act out of line!


As a Discord Bot

Cassiopée is our Discord server’s main bot. She has unique Commands to interact with the toons of the group! She can even create a customizable toony licence for you! You can find all her commands below! Cassi also helps secure our Discord group thanks to our initiation phase which requires you to go through it before joining the group!

Nerdy Information About the Discord Bot

Cassiopée is a fully coded bot by our code wizard Folfie! Cassiopée is a Python bot based on which uses SQL databases to work on “Levels”, “xp”, Custom Toony Licences and other information. The Bot is fully run on a dedicated Windows Computer called: “Cassi’s Home for TSG! Bots”. If you wish to contact us about technical information you can do so below!

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