Cassiopeia Station

Cassiopeia Station

Imagine for a moment floating amongst the stars, travelling in an expansive space-station with several modules to explore, all backdropped by the moon itself, just withing your reach. Only one problem: you’re a stowaway who’s found themselves all alone, months before anyone else is scheduled to arrive. How would you behave? Mischievously? Anxiously? Well, it seems that regardless of your caution, you may be doomed to a fate of being squished, stretched, or anything in between and beyond. In a similar style to this year’s Halloween event, this is an interactive “Choose your own Adventure”-type story with various toony endings to discover.

Goals and Achievements

This game has 24 wildly different endings, all revolving around varying space-themed scenarios. For anyone exploratory enough to discover all of them, they shall be rewarded a special Badge on the Forum.

Technical information

The game is possible to play on all platforms which can open a web browser.

:tsganim: Available from the TSG! WebApp

Play Now!

You can play from The TSG! WebApp’s Gaming Section
or via this link:

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