Closed Beta For Patrons

Welcome to TSG! Forum thank you all who are helping by testing out the forum and reporting bugs!
You’ll find the quick start guide below!

What’s this Forum for?

It’s for any long form conversation, such as feedback; Project planning, toony resources and more!

Quick Start Guide

First go to the top right corner and click: “Sign Up” from there you can make an account.
You can use your DISCORD or PATREON Account to make your account!

Next you’ll fill up what’s needed and done, you now have an account!

From here explore the forum and make posts in sections you wish to use!
I recommend Sharing some Art in the #arts-crafts category!

Feedback is EXTREMELY appreciated!

It will be extremely important that you give me some Feedback on this as I want to make sure this is the best it can be! Just go to #site-feedback and make a new topic with your feedback or with a bug report or anything else! Thanks!

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