[Game] Cassiopée's Spooky Module

Cassiopée’s Spooky Module!

Also known as: " Toony Halloween CYOA" & “Squish or Treat CYOA”

Is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type game where you can advance a short story by taking decisions. This CYOA has many endings which result in “Bad Ends” exclusively, you can always back track and try a different path! Each main ending has the command to receive a Pin of the specific ending for your Toony licence within TSG!'s Discord Server!*
*Only while Halloween Event is Active.(September-November)

Goals and Achievements

Currently the game has: 18 Endings, 11 of which are Main endings(Which reward players with Pins), 3 of those endings contain exclusive animations by DJ Mudsdale our Director of 2D Animation.
The other 7 endings are secondary endings which do not grant you anything but are fun to hunt for!

Technical information

The game is possible to play on all platforms which can open a web browser.

:tsganim: Available from the TSG! WebApp


Updates only carry from the 09th of November 2019+ any older updates are not available.

End of Halloween Event Update

November 9th 2019
This update focused on removing the active event commands as the current Halloween Event ended.

  • Removed Commands from main endings and changed text to: “Expired Pin” with a small animation.

Play Now!

You can play from The TSG! WebApp’s Gaming Section
or via this link: https://Halloween.TheSquishGang.com

Please feel free to discuss the game below, anything from theories to feedback is appreciated!

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