I can't pass Birdie Quest

While I’m not into toony stuff, I got interested in your website once I found out about it’s existence (Thanks to meeting Arcaxon). But basically, I tried this game called 'Birdie Quest", and everything went smoothly except that I’m stuck and can’t do anything except go home or talk to NPCs. It’s getting pretty boring, I don’t think this is all to the game though. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, how am I supposed to play the game? Sorry if I sound vulgar, just wanted to complete a game but I’m unfortunately stuck right now, and I need help

Hey Sandbox, The game doesn’t have a specific ending as @SomeDumbIdiot didn’t plan on making it a full game, much like all of our CYOA the “bad” endings are all you get! ^w^

If I am wrong please feel free to correct me @SomeDumbIdiot!

Well, at least I gotta admit that the main character looks nice

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That’s true, I can’t wait to see what (some toon) will do next.

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