On RPs: True Inanimate

MadBoy here, from the Discord.

While this is a pretty personal thing, I’m personally against “true” inanimate transformations- where the transformed party cannot move/act on their own- it feels like you’re telling the other player to sit still and shut up. I prefer animate-inanimate, where the transformed object is alive- shoes and clothes can move like the body parts they fit, a balloon could drift around, a hose could move like a snake, etc.- so they can still do something once TF-ed.

What are y’alls thoughts on this?

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Very much agree with this idea, I’ve always been “meh” about object TF when the target becomes completely inanimate. My favorite things about transformation and toony stuff in general is when the transformed individuals have very clear indications of their previous form so that somebody might only mistake them for a moment before realizing they are definitely transformed

I love when the TF’d toon has details that clearly show they are still fully-conscious and capable of some very rudimentary movement or limited speech. I find transformation to be the most fun when it’s a shared conversation (metaphorically and literally) between the TF’d character and the character who is not. That being said, I love putting great amounts of detail into how awkward and ineffectual their movement/speech in their new shape.

A good example of animate object-TF where you can clearly see the original character and also can imagine that he would be capable of probably waddling around slowly.


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