The Summer Carnival 2020

The Summer Carnival is on NOW!

Hey Everyone welcome to our very first Summer Carnival! This event was made by our amazing Dev Team consisting of: Klogmonger(Project Lead & Writer), BonusDuck(Main Writer) DJ Mudsdale(Animator/Artist), StriderHaryu(Writer), Kelveron(Writer), and Arcaxon(Coder).

This event sadly does not include any new commands due to how close Cassiopée 3.0’s Release is. This event will last up until late August!

Carnival Game 2020

This year the Pins commands can be found within the newest Game, you can find the game on our Discord Server or if you’re on mobile via:

Learn more here: TSG! Summer Carnival 2020

The Event Art!

The Event Art was created by the fantastic: @CreatureUnknown
It includes all 10$+ Patrons + Staff members who worked on the event along with Cassi! While the event is ongoing the Toony Licence will have the Event Art in the Background!

List of Pins and Commands they unlock.

Below is a list of all the Pins for the Event!

Zoltar_Cassi_Pin Cassi Friendship 2020 Pin

Art by: Arrowny
Claim by Typing: .summer2020pin
This is the official Event Pin for this year’s event!
Gives access to:
hot coals - They’re quite hot! You sure you want to walk across them?

ssss Summer 2020 Foods Pin

Art by: CheeseDoggers
Claim by finding the ending within the game!
Gives access to:
get a drink - It’s hot out, don’t forget to hydrate yourself!
.icecream - A refreshing snack for a hot summer’s day!

Cupman2 Summer 2019 Carnival Pin

Art by: CheeseDoggers
Claim by finding the ending within the game!
Gives access to:
overheating - Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?!
get a sunburn - Beware of the sun it is pretty strong in the summer!
cool down - Don’t overheat! Cool down!~
going to sunbathe - The sun is perfect to get a good tan!
.sunscreen - But don’t forget your sunscreen, the sun could damage your skin!

MerryGoRoundTFPin Summer 2020 Rides Pin

Art by: EspressoSkunk
Claim by finding the ending within the game!
Gives access to:
play volleyball - A staple, perfect for jiggle physic fans!
swimming lesson - Learning to swim is rather important!
want sand - When the beach just isn’t sandy enough!
go swimming - Now that you’ve learned how to swim why not make use of this new skill?
need a towel - Dry yourself from all that swimming!

The Brand New Game: TSG! CYOA Collection!

This brand new game will contain all of our past and future CYOA games!
From Cassiopea Station, to the Summer Carnival! There’s lots more to come in the future too!
Play now via our Discord Server!

We Hope You Have a Wonderful Summer!

We worked really hard on this project and hope you enjoy it, please feel free to leave some feedback here or any questions you may have! As always thanks so much for the support we hope you have a fantastic Summer! <3

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