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Thanks to this new platform, we’re able to create “Adverts” Thankfully, these aren’t controlled by Google or any other company, these are completely under TSG!'s control.

Due to our aversion to Adverts we have found ways to fund ourselves directly from other more constructive ways, such as Patreon and the ToonyShop.

We’ve created the TSG! Community Ads for our community. These are free at the moment (but may in the future cost a small fee per month, like FA’s) and are(and will forever) be private to TSG! We also use TSG! Ads for Affiliated Partners.

Guidelines and Rules to Advertising on TSG! Forum

  • All submissions will be checked and screened, for quality, guideline following, and they also need to be related to Toony things.
  • Adverts cannot be 18+
  • Adverts can link to profiles, and other social medias.
  • The link must lead to a trusted website. (We’ll verify websites before linking them)
  • Adverts cannot be requested by big companies.
  • All submissions must provide the full template below.
  • The submission-er must be easy to contact via either: Email, Discord, Telegram or Twitter.

How to Apply for an Advert?

If you’d like to advertise your Commissions, Art, Project, or anything else Toony please feel free to reply below by filling this template:

Type of Ad: (TEXT & LOGO(500px by 500px)) or (IMAGE (500px by 200px))
Image URL:
Big Text/Title: (ONLY FOR TEXT & LOGO)
Small Text: (ONLY FOR TEXT & LOGO)
URL when Clicked:
Contact Method(For TSG! use):


  • What if I don’t want to see these Ads?
    Use an Adblocker, but know our ads are safe and community empowering!

  • Where do ads show up?
    Right below posts, before the “Suggested Topics”!

  • Can I send it Privately?
    Absolutely, simply contact @Arcaxon via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, or here via DMs!

  • Can my Ad be Sexual in Nature?
    To an extent nothing NSFW though, we may ask you to tone it down if it’s too much for our platform.

  • I have a Suggestions!
    Please use the #site-feedback category and make a post there about it! :cassi_owo:

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