🐰 TSG! EGGstra ordinary Easter Eggvent! 🍫

This Easter Event had sadly been delayed a fair bit due to unforseen events but we’re back on track with this year’s EGGstra ordinary Easter Event!
This event will run until the 10th of May!

Eggtastic Event Art!

This year’s event art was done by CreatureUnknown and includes our Patrons and people who Paid for their slot a few weeks ago!

We will be doing more of these as we go, thank you everyone who participated!

Collecting Eggs and Buying Pins!

This year is quite like last, you’ll get Eggs for talking in the server and by using the .Bidaily command! Anyone who participated last year gets to keep their eggs, so you can continue from where you left off!

Collecting Eggs!

Every 12 hours you can get 10 eggs! If you’re a Patreon it’s every 8 Hours!
You can collect eggs by using the: .bidaily command in #cassiopée_proving_grounds !
You also get additional eggs every few messages!

What Can I do with my eggs?

You can do various things but we recommend you collect them to buy this Easter event’s Pins! You can find a full list below!


  • .inventory - Checks Inventory
  • .bidaily - Gain 10 Eggs twice a day (Patrons only wait 8 Hours instead of 12!)
  • .cook omelette - Costs: 5 Eggs | Gains: 1 Omelette .nibble omelette - Costs: 1 Omelette
  • throws eggs at cassi - Costs: 5 Eggs | Gains: You throw eggs at Cassi! You really shouldn’t!

Why Collect the Pins?

If you collect a pin you can put it on your ToonyLicence and can use the commands given by the pin even long after the event ends!

Eggcentric Pins!

They can both be achieved this year too!

  • Anyone with over 200 Eggs gets the image Pin!
  • Anyone with over 500 Total Collected Eggs gets the image Pin!
    (Art for these by: Vex Schwarzrabe)

Full list of Purchasable Pins

Art by: CreatureUnknown
Easter Event 2019 Pin - FREE
Claim by typing: .EasterEvent2020
Gives access to:

  • easter bunny - The Easter Bunny is going to come visit!
  • precipitation - Weather forecasts can’t always predict the weather! (Try using an umbrella!)

Art by: CreatureUnknown
Moai Island Pin - 200 Eggs
Buy by typing: .MoaiPin
Gives access to:

  • go to the easter island - Go have an adventure at the Easter island!
  • build a tower - We don’t recommend building towers!
  • easter egg season - Trees are blooming maybe something hides in those leaves?

Art by: CreatureUnknown
Bunny Pin - 200 Eggs
Buy by typing: .Bunnypin
Gives access to:

  • *smells flowers* - Smell the brand new blooming flowers of spring!
  • be a bunny - Have you always wished to hop around and eat carrots? You can now!
  • easter fire - Bonfires are great to celebrate spring!

Art by: CreatureUnknown
ChocoEgg Pin - 200 Eggs
Buy by typing: .ChocoEggPin
Gives access to:

  • have a picnic - Picnics are in season!
  • .eggme - Get EGGED!
  • .chocoeggme - Get CHOCOLATE EGGED!
  • chocolate fountain - Love chocolate? We got nice fountains of it!
  • i love chocolate - Do you REALLY LOVE chocolate? Then this command is for you!

New Animated Emojis in TSG!'s Discord Server & Eggy Animations

For this Eggcentric Event, DJ Mudsdale came up with a few simple egg animations based on our staff members!

Emoji variants of these are now available on TSG!'s Discord Server!

Easter Forum Badge

By Replying to this post you will gain TSG!'s Easter Badge:


Happy Easter and wonderful spring everyone!

We know these are unsure times but we’ll do our best to make these times as fun as possible, our next events should be even better as we’ve been working really hard in getting ready for upcoming events & other toony projects!

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