TSG!-FG COVID-19 Update

TSG!-FG Staff has just concluded it’s first official proper staff meeting and it lasted 3 hours and 42 minutes. Among the multiple topics, the most prominent one being COVID-19 and how it affects our community. Within that meeting we came to multiple decisions to keep our community safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here is the actions we’ll be taking on our communities starting from today.

New COVID-19 Rules

This ongoing pandemic has now become our reality to keep the server and community safe and enjoyable for everyone we have worked on a set of additional rules.
Breaking these rules is the same as breaking any other of our rules. Please be respectful and mindful.

1. Please do not advocate dangerous behaviour, as in ignoring regulations imposed by your local authorities such as social distancing, curfews, lockdowns, or others.
2. Poking fun at this issue is a valid way to cope, so long as it is not done with malicious intent, NO minimizing of the current situation.
3. You can discuss and converse about the virus in the appropriate channels, like #chitchat or #vent.
4. Keep conversations civil. Getting angry, fearmongering, or playing the pandemic down is not helpful and will not be tolerated.
5. When making serious claims, please give an appropriate source, if none can be found you will be asked to terminate the conversation.

As always: All server rules still apply.

Theses rules will help us keep the conversation about COVID-19 alive but well managed as to not spread misinformation, creating misunderstandings/friction and allow for healthy venting of the topic.

What Services we Offer Which May Help.

We know currently these times can be trying monetarily for everyone, because of that we’d like to promote some of our services which may help in this current crisis.

Our Paid Artist Affiliation Program: TSG!'s Artist Affiliation Program
This program allows artist to get paid for their services within TSG!

ToonyShop’s Con-Vendor Emergency Service
Due to this pandemic, a lot of cons have been cancelled and due to that Toonyshop is offering a 100% free program to sell your convention Merch on our online store. Please contact @Arcaxon on Discord/Telegram/Twitter to talk about it.

Speaking of which due to COVID-19 TSG! is having a sale on all of it’s products: https://twitter.com/TheSquishGang/status/1241547632964747268

To our Patrons

Our Patrons will be able to request refunds for March & the upcoming months until this whole thing winds down. Some restrictions apply to avoid abuse of this system. New Patrons from April forward won’t be able to get a refund on their first month. Please check the #Server Supporter channel of your server for the details.

Thank you @everyone for your support

Despite all this we still plan on having events in the coming month(s) although they may face a bit of a delay as we adjust. We’ll keep working hard to make this place enjoyable & safe for all, and as always please feel free to give us some feedback!

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