TSG! Forum Grand Opening!

Welcome everyone to TSG! Forum! This is a place for people to hang out and plan more long-form things such as contests, competitions, and Projects!

What can we do in Here?

A lot of things you can’t on our Discord, as explained above, this also includes POLLS!

Do you Think Polls Are Useful?

  • Yes I do!
  • Nah I don’t.
  • Hey more options is always good!

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You can learn more about what things you can post with our Forum Tutorial!

A LOT of up to Date Info can be Found Here!

Indeed thanks to the creation of this forum we’ve cleaned up a lot of old projects and even cancelled some to focus soly on this forum and the Discord!

All information such as TSG!'s Monthly Art Raffle and TSG!'s Artist Affiliation Program are available in the #info category of the website! All of this info found there takes priority over the TSG! Wiki’s.

A Brand New Game and New Possibilities!

With the Grand opening we have a game available!

This also opens the possibility of linking more games to the Forum for in-forum rewards such as Badges!


Badges are like the pins from the Toony Licence within the Discord Server.
You can earn badges from being active in the forum, following tutorials, playing games, and a few other things, you can learn more about Badges on the Badges page!

I Have Feedback or Questions, where do I Ask Those???

Feel free to ask in #site-feedback or even below here for now!

We Hope you Enjoy the Forum!

It was a lot of work and we wanted after years of trying different stuff to just go back and simply focus on a few things, these now being the FORUM and the Discord Server. We thank every single one of you who has decided to stick with us and keep supporting us! Thank you!

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