💝 TSG! Friendship Month 2020 🌹

Happy Friendship Month! We know the nature of this holiday and instead of celebrating buying chocolates and rings to your special someone, we want to extent this to everyone! Your friends and peers are just as worthy of love so why not have some traditional “Valentines day” fun with your friends!
You should not feel ashamed to not have “a special someone”, we believe we all are special to each other in different ways and we should show we care about our friends just as much as our “special others”!

This event will last until the 10th of March!

The Event Art

The Event Art was created by the fantastic: @AkajiYui
It includes all 10$+ Patrons along with Cassi! While the event is ongoing the Toony Licence wil have the Event Art in the Background!

Commands, Pins & Toony Licence!

We have a few returning commands from our last 2 events and the return of the classic Ride the Love Boat! The Toony Licence will feature the Event Art as it’s background.

List of Pins and Commands they unlock.

Below is a list of all the Friendship Month Pins.

CassiFriendship Cassi Friendship 2020 Pin

Art by: @SomeDumbIdiot
Claim by Typing: .friendmonthevent
This is the official Event Pin for this year’s event!
Gives access to:
Lovely Cassi - Give some love to our lovely mascot!
Date with Cassi - Have a sweet good time with Cassi!

Friendship Friendship 2020 Pin

Art by: @SomeDumbIdiot
Claim by Typing: .friendship
Gives access to:
I'm heartbroken - It’s okay, Cassi is here for you and so are all your friends!
What is love? - Hopefully nobody gets hurt!
Cassi, will you be mine? - Will you be my bestest of friends?

LoveLetter Love Letter 2020 Pin

Art by: @SomeDumbIdiot
Claim by Typing: .loveletter
Gives access to:
Roses are red - Violets are blue, Cassi is lovely and so are you!
Write a loveletter - Get Cassi to help you write a lovely letter to your friends or your CRUSH!
.cupid - The love angel!

Riding The Love Boat!

This last command is interesting as it is more complicated then it looks, you may ride the love boat on your own or with the person of your choosing!

Example: ride the love boat Will have you enter the ride alone, meanwhile, ride the love boat with @Person#0000 Will have you ride with your friend, or special one! Make sure they are okay to ride with you before using the command though!

Forum Badge!

Indeed you can get the 2020 Friendship badge on the forum which is made from all of the event’s pins!

Simply reply below to get the pin!

Have a Fantastic Friendship Month Everyone! :heartbeat:

Sound likes a fun event, like always~

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