TSG! Gaming | Official TSG! Project

TSG! Gaming is our gaming publishing/hosting branch. All our games are available at: https://app.TheSquishGang.com/games.html

TSG! Gaming is available to toony gamemakers meaning people who wish to make games with toony tropes. If your game seems promising enough, it may be eligible to become a TSG! Game. You can learn more about our affiliation program here: TSG! Network Affiliation Program

Becoming a TSG! Game gives access to:

  • Web Hosting; Your Game will be hosted on our servers and available from the TSG! Gaming section of the TSG! WebApp
  • Game Publishing; Your Game can be published to gaming stores, starting with the Discord Store.(optional)
  • Promotion of Your Game; Your game will be promoted on our websites and social medias.

List of Current TSG! Gaming Projects

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below!

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