TSG! Network Affiliation Program

Network Affiliation Program

TSG! loves helping other projects! We love it so much we have an entire Partner program, via this partner program you’ll be able to gain access to services, updates, and much more! We although have guidelines and rules. Our program is mostly on a case by case basis so you’ll have to contact our team and pitch us your ideas! Don’t be shy or afraid, we’ll only bonk you with a mallet if you decide to affiliate!

What are the Perks From Network Affiliation?

Perks from becoming an affiliate are:

  • Promotion on our Platforms.
  • Hosting for Projects.
  • Creation of Website for Project.
  • If your project is a game access to TSG! Gaming Services!
  • Exclusive access to TSG! Network Affiliates Chat(Discord).
  • Creation of exclusive channels or categories for Projects.
  • Funding [Case by Case(RARE)].
  • Publishing (Depends on Project Type).

Guidelines & Rules

The rules are on a Case by Case basis but each project has to be compatible with TSG!'s core values.
If it worries you or don’t know what that means, do not worry discussions about the project and it’s affiliation will be talked about in private.

How to Apply?

To apply simply post your project within the Projects Category of the Forum. If you wish to keep the project a secret or private please feel free to contact @Arcaxon !

List of Partnered Programs

You can find the list here: TSG! Network | Official TSG! Project
And here if it is a Game: TSG! Gaming | Official TSG! Project

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