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This Topic is simply to list all projects within the TSG! Network:

  • The Big Cartoon Wiki | The Big Cartoon Wiki is an encyclopedia dedicated to collecting expansion scenes throughout media.

  • Transfur | One of the oldest Art hosting sites on the internet, Transfur is an Art Hosting website which features Animal Transformation and other types of transformation.

  • The Demi-Server | 18+ | The Demi server is a server fully dedicated to Demi-TF! A form of TF that is more niche and done by very few artist in the Transformation community. This small community is so we few can share, create, and talk Demi-TF!

  • RANDSOM- Transform Your World. ™ | 18+ | The app is a Transformation RP Tool in very early stages of development!

  • Akaji’s My Fur Children | Legacy | My Fur children is a webcomic series by Akaji! The current website for it is quite outdated but still supported as a Legacy TSG! Network site.

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