TSG!'s Artist Affiliation Program

Artist Affiliation Program

The TSG! Affiliated Artist program includes both “Affiliated Artists” and the “In-house artists”. Being an affiliated artist is free and gives a few extras within TSG! services, it’s also non-committal so you don’t have quotas to fill! You get to see all opportunities from TSG! and if so desired take a slot!

What are the Perks From Artist Affiliation?

Perks from becoming an affiliated artist are:

  • Unique TSG! Affiliated Artist Role;
  • TSG! Affiliated Artist Chat;
  • Bigger art limit in our art channels (8 instead of 5 images)!;
  • Given WebHook Discord API Keys for the server’s Art channels;
  • Creating Merch for TSG’s Toony Shop;
  • Help TSG! on community events!
  • And a few more minor rewards!

For further detail feel free to message a staff member about it!

Becoming an Affiliated Artist

Becoming an affiliated artist is pretty simple! All you have to do is apply with this form and show your art portfolio! Do Note: We may not accept your application at first due to art skill. The way we go about accepting is somewhat arbitrary but not to worry, if you’re considering applying you still should!

Do note by becoming a TSG! Affiliate you need to follow a few guidelines, although they are mostly straight forward. If you need any help always feel free to ask Staff Members!


When applying please reply to this post as it will allow us to get notified as fast as possible!

Becoming an In-House Artists

Becoming an In-house artist is much more complicated, and does require, in most situations, the person to be an Affiliated Artist prior. If you show enthusiasm, have incredible skill, are friendly and kind or/are happy to help TSG! you may have a chance. Sadly we would suggest no one to try for this position, since decisions for In-House Artists are mostly voted in by the Server’s staff as becoming an In-House Artist is a position within staff. For such reason please do not embark in the Affiliated program solely to become an In-House Artist. If you have exceptional skill in a particular field and would wish to help TSG! please feel free to reply to this post.

In Conclusion

If you wish to help us build more things for the Toony Community please feel free to apply!
If you already have a project feel free to check our Partnership Affiliation Program!

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