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TSG!'s ToonyShop

TSG!'s Toony Shop is a store created by TSG! where Affiliated Artist can create products and sell them right from our store!

All products are made by Toony artists from all over the community with different tastes and likes!
This Thread will update whenever a new product is posted, we recommend following it to get the latest news about the store!

How Does it Work?

ToonyShop works with Affiliated Artist from the community who wish to create products for the store.
The money is split between the store and the artists unless stated otherwise.

On the store you can buy the products directly and will have them ship to you!
We ship worldwide, and have sales regularly!

Who’s that Character in the Picture?

That is MaSCOTT! Well his name is Scott and he’s our Mascot at the store!

MaScott’s Ref Sheet by: PunkDrake

Who is MaSCOTT?

Well like we said he–he’s our Mascot! He uh, didn’t really uh train for the job but he gets in so many toony shenanigans we figured he’d be perfect for our store as a mascott! and we promise it wasn’t because when Oriolon(Owner of the Store) was asked who was our mascot we panicked and just pointed at our office’s Handyman and changed his job to Store’s mascot, we promise! :cassi_blush: :sweat_drops:

What is Arcaxonia?

Arcaxonia is the merch store which host ours, on Arcaxonia you’ll find other products and if you have a project which requires merch you can always get in contact with them for your Merch fulfillment needs! Arcaxonia is also the Sole Proprietorship which owns TSG!

I Already Sell Products, is it Possible to Have my Products Listed on the Store?

Absolutely! If you wish to offer your product on our store the answer will always be yes! Simply enter in contact with @Arcaxon !

I Have Questions, Where Should I Ask Them?

Feel free to ask any question about our store in our #site-feedback category!
If it’s about an order, please ask via EMAIL or in private messages with @Arcaxon on Telegram or Discord.

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